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#Dr. David Newman, of the School of Management and Economics at Queen's University Belfast, has an MA in Natural Sciences, a Ph.D. in Appropriate Technology for the Third World and an M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence. The M.Sc. dissertation, on AI techniques to model the expert assessment of uncertain data for biomass energy planning, drew on his experience as a researcher in Mauritius, Mozambique and Kenya. At Queen's University he has researched groupware use in co-operative learning, critical thinking in on-line and face-to-face discussions, and the use of the Internet by community groups. He developed techniques to measure the depth of critical thinking in collaborative learning, and used them to compare face-to-face and computer supported seminars (Newman 1996). He then changed his teaching techniques to take account of this research, and won a university teaching award for the integration of educational research and pedagogic practice. Later he ran the evaluation component of an EU eContent project, Add-Wijzer in which he evaluated the usability and usefulness of on-line legal databases for non-lawyers, in collaboration with public and private sector partners in three countries. He is currently running a ?0.5 million cross-border research project into electronic public consultation, funded under the EU Peace II program for Peace and Reconciliation in Ireland.


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