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Stephen HeppellStephen's founded Ultralab in the 1980s, moving there from the UK Government's groundbreaking Microelectronics Education Programme. Over a score of years Ultralab grew to become Europe's leading learning technology research centre with projects that pioneered multimedia CD ROMs and on-line communities back in the pre-web 1980s! Stephen was the guiding "father" of a number of pioneering social networking projects including *ESW in the 1980s, Schools OnLine in 1995/6, Nortel's pivotal Learning in the New Millennium from 1993-2000, the Guinness Record holding Tesco Schoolnet 2000 from 1999, Oracle's from 1999 and many more. Today Stephen heads his own flourishing policy and learning consultancy which now has a portfolio of international projects, from school building to horizon scanning. He is an active professor at Bournemouth University and elsewhere. Stephen sits on a number of boards, including chairing the charity Inclusion Trust, and is executive chairman of global learning company LP plus.


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